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Alt inventory dota

Alt inventory dota

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Alt + left clicking an item declares the item's status to allies the item from the player's inventory and transfers it to the selected hero. Although the ALT modifier can be bound to another key, ALT is still unbindable. . Hotkeys apply to all inventories of units of the player. DotA 2 has a very nice fully customizable controls menu, but when i set these ALT+Q settings it uses the item assigned to that hotkey, but it also pings on the map (i think its picking up that im clicking and pressing ALT). This is especially annoying for my team as when im using.

Download dota hotkeys that is best for you. Used by more than With quick chat, inventory a+, modes, and commands. Alt + Q = numpad 7. now dota2 wont recognize me pressing down ALT, so now i cannot use my inventory keybindings (alt+qweasd) which is a massive problem. what do you guys use as inventory keys @ legacy users? for this is because my inventory hotkeys are like dota 1's warkeys (alt + q, w, etc.).

The Alt key can be used to quickly communicate information to team Alt + Left Click on an item in your inventory also sends an On. Are using the alt keys actually a disadvantage or am I just not practiced enough? Corresponding to my inventory slot. . I know that professional dota players like to bind to mouse keys, and as an SC2 player it makes me. The inventory management is really shitty in dota 2. If the item is split-able ( tango, wards), ctrl+alt+key->click splits with the target. While I. ALT + QWE, ASD. Generally have: ALT + Q = Wand; ALT + W = Soul Ring / Bottle / Active Item; ALT + E .. Inventory hotkeys are as shown.


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